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Playlist 23 de mayo de 2010


Tributo a DIO

  1. RUNNING WILD: “Bad to the bone” (Intro Corsaria)
  2. DIO: “Hide in the rainbow” (Best of)
  3. RAINBOW: “Kill the king” (On stage)
  4. BLACK SABBATH: “Die young” (Heaven&hell)
  5. DIO: “Evil eyes” (The last in line)
  6. DIO: “Killing the dragon” (Killing the dragon)
  7. HEAR&AIDS/DIO: “Stars” (Hear&aids)
  8. Entrevista con Ronnie James Dio (Madrid, junio 2006)
  9. DIO: “God rest ye merry gentlemen” (We wish you a metal christmass)
  10. JORN: “Song for Ronnie James” (Dio)