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Playlist, domingo 20 de septiembre de 2009


Especial Novedades

  • RUNNING WILD: “Bad to the bone” (Death or glory)
  • W.A.S.P. – “To live another day” (Babylon)
  • NIGHTMARE: “Decameron” (Insurrection)
  • METALLICA: “My apocalypse” (Death magnetic)
  • SARATOGA: “No sufriré jamás por tí” (Secretos y revelaciones)
  • CHRIS CAFFERY: “House of insanity” (House of insanity)
  • HARDCORE SUPERSTAR: “Wake up dead in a garbagean” (Dreamin´in a casket Reloaded)
  • JADED HEART: “Come to the feast” (Perfect insanity)
  • MR BIG: “Green tinted sixties mind” (Back at Budokan)
  • BEETHOVEN R.: “No somos nada” (Más vale tarde… ¡que nunca!)
  • AIRBOURNE: “Diamond on the rouge” (Runnin´wild)
  • GOTTHARD: “Shangri-La” (Need to believe)
  • PINK CREAM 69: “Do you like it like that” (Live in Karlsruhe)
  • KISS: “Modern day Delilah” (Sonic boom)
  • AT VANCE: “Power” (Ride the sky)
  • THEATRE OF TRAGEDY: “Illusions” (Forever is the world)
  • SIRENIA: “Beyond Life’s Scenery (The 13th floor)
  • AMORPHIS: “Silver bride” (Skyforger)
  • PARADISE LOST: “I remain” (Faith divides us – Death unites us)
  • ARCH ENEMY: “Bridges of destiny” (The roots of all evil)
  • CALIBRE ZERO: “Rock hasta morir” (Jugando con fuego)
  • DESTRUCTION: “Metal discharge” (The Curse Of The Antichrist- Live In Agony)
  • BEHEMOTH: “Ov Fire And The Void” (Evangelion)
  • UDO: “Speed demon” (Dominator)
  • AXXIS: “Eyes of a child” (Utopia)
  • JORN: “Duke of love” (Dukebox)
  • 3 INCHES OF BLOOD: “Call of the hammer” (Here waits thy doom)
  • EDGUY: “Superheroes” (Fucking wit fire live)
  • BANZAI: “Funciona legal” (Banzai)