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Playlist. 23 de septiembre de 2007


  1. RUNNING WILD: “Bad to the bone” (Death or glory)
  2. GAMMA RAY: “One with the world” (Sigh no more)
  3. HELLOWEEN: “Kill it” (Gambling with the devil)
  4. WUTHERING HEIGHTS: “The raven” (The shadow cabinet)
  5. SOBREDOSIS: “Sangre joven” (Sangre joven)
  6. HANOI ROCKS: “Teenage revolution” (Street poetry)
  7. TIGERTAILZ: “One beat of your heart” (Bezerk 2.0)
  8. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: “Dreaming (tell me)” (Trial by fire – Live in Leningrad)
  9. SWEET LITTLE SISTER: “Rock n´roll 24/7” (adelante nuevo disco)
  10. CRUSH 40: “Revvin´up” (Live&learn)
  11. JORN: “Are you ready” (Live in America)
  12. BURNING: “Esto es un atraco” (Noches de rock n´roll)
  13. RUNNING WILD: “Conquistadores” (Port royal)

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